A fun, approachable oil painting class for everyone. If you’ve really been wanting to learn how to paint – this is your class. Start from scratch or deepen your skill level. No experience needed. Join any time.In this class we focus on the techniques of oil painting. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never picked up a brush or you’ve got a bit of experience but just want some regular practice and a weekly painting group that’s fun to hang out with. We’ve got them all in here.

We’ll be covering some of the classical oil painting techniques like those The Masters used in their paintings to make their works look more dimensional. I teach both direct (Alla Prima) and indirect painting (underpainting) methods but mostly my method is a bit of a hybrid. We take our time with paintings, working over a period of two to three classes or more to finish a canvas if needed. Everyone moves at their own pace.

You are certainly free to approach a painting in any method you’d like. With advanced students I tend to be more of a guide and let them work in an independent study format. With beginners I have them work by my own studio method. We do a quick sketchy underpainting, I think of it as a sort of value map and then quickly get on to mixing the colors. I’ve found this value map to be an invaluable guide to quickly check values against while mixing up colors. It really helps train the eyes.

I also cover how manipulating value range can give effect in your paintings, like atmospheric perspective in landscape and chiaroscuro in still life. We’ll cover how to properly load your brush to get some beautiful brush strokes and concepts like why lost and found edges are so important and what effect they can give you. 

I’ll demystify oil painting mediums and have you color mixing like a pro in no time. Of course oil painting is about training the eyes to see – arguably more than any other single thing. The more you practice the more you’ll learn to see light and shadow more distinctly and by utilizing this value range in your paintings instead of looking flat your paintings will come to life with depth and dimension. 

In class I often mention some important contemporary painters working today that you might want to follow on social media, their work is so inspiring.

You are free to work on your own projects or I can assign something, it’s up to you. Most importantly everyone moves at their own pace, supports each other and tries to enjoy the process as much as the finished product.

To give my students even more support with their painting practice I have a private Facebook group. I know that if I’m not enjoying myself it shows in my work and no technique is going to cover it up. So we really try to have fun in this class.

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Jenny Berry Oil Painting Teacher

I try to paint every day and it’s a great joy to me to pass on what I learn through my own practice. Check out my about page for more.


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