"The Duchess With Ermine Stole" Framed Print

"The Duchess With Ermine Stole" Framed Print

Multiple Sizes Available

From artist Jenny Berry's original Old Dutch and Flemish Master's style oil painting, an ostrich draped in a live ermine stole as they did during the Rensissance (but they weren't usually alive). She's wearing an ostrich cameo because it would be weird if it were human and ostrich feathers in her hat, which is weird and should be bothering her but doesn't appear to be. Does that make her a monster? And while we're pondering that... are the rest of the ermine in her stole alive or just sleeping? These questions and more will be left unanswered.

These deep profile, gallery wrap framed prints have been made on finely textured artist-grade cotton canvas. It consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity and detail so you’ll see all of the rich color and textural elements of the original painting.

.: 100% Cotton fabric

.: Wooden stretcher bars

.: 100% Recycled solid plastic frame

.: High image quality and detail

.: For indoor use only

.: UV safe protective finish

.: Solid backing

.: Ready to hang with brackets

.: Made in the US

Please be aware that each print is custom made to your order. Depending on many variables it can sometimes take up to two weeks to receive your artwork. We'll try to get it there quicker but please be patient, this kind of quality takes a little bit of time!

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