Grand Dame

12″ x 12″ graphite drawing over mixed media transfer collage of some photographs I took on my travels all over the country – from a liquor store in the Michigan town where I grew up to some graffiti in Santa Fe near my studio and this cool vintage wall paper in a creepy little antique store we stopped in while out running a tornado in Georgia. Turns out it was a very good place to wait out a storm. A car dealer up the road got trashed. Good thing we stopped. Even an old vintage meat pricing sticker (the red numbers on her shoulder) that I found in a market near the border in Texas, there’s also a Henry Miller sticker (under her chin) I found on a lamp post on NYUs campus, there’s more, that’s just what I remember off the top of my head – all on a baltic birch panel.

I did this drawing originally on paper, per usual and it is so much darker and richer. I just wanted to see what would happen if I tried it on gessoed board. It was really difficult. The board isn’t as forgiving as the paper. It really repels the pencil. It didn’t really take it at all. Even when I went with the softer lead it was hard to get it to hold. But it was fun. I put all of the transfer collage in first, I didn’t know if the drawing would work or not but since I’d already done it once I had the envelope mapped in so I knew where the outer perimeter was already so the second time at least it went much faster maybe half the time.

I still think about taking something darker and going in and hitting those deeper values but no… then I’ll be opening up a can of worms… Gotta let this one go 😊

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