About Me

BFA (figure studies) Eastern Michigan University 1987

Portfolio Center Atlanta, GA (Art Direction/Graphic Design) 1993

Worked as an ad agency art director for 10 years

Full time artist 2003 to present

I prefer to paint directly from life when possible. It's easier to study the effect of the light on a subject. There's no substitute for that. I try once a week or so to take my little cigar box set up and get out into the landscape with friends and plein air paint. 

But sometimes it's just not possible and we have to work with photographs so I try to take them in natural light and fuss till I get the effect I want. 

Like I tell my students over and over, if you get the lighting right on your subject the painting can sometimes just about paint itself. Well, except for that nasty color mixing bit. And getting your values right but other than that...

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